All links should have pages.

Built up some categories for articles.

Added Menu for Blog, Team and About me ( doesn't display on landing)

Started experimenting with zazzle code, sharing from site product page is very easy.

About page and Create Your Own pages need work still.

- CYO should been broken down into sizes and shapes before directing to the API

- About page will explain affiliate marketing and how it works and lead into a page about doing this yourself with additional link and references to affiliate programs and services. (Info graphic?)

Create preliminary images for blank sticker templates for the main four stickers, round, square, oval and rectangle, more can be added later.

Overall I'm very please with the new JA Builder component, I've learned to pay attention to the forums and its helped with any bugs I've happened across.


More to come in time, Taking a stroll In data entry limbo for now until its time for more script and syntax.