May err ahh June 21st Site update


I did this...

Modified theme.css and content.css in content_block theme in JA Wall template.

-----Adjusted for logo, left the sidbar skinny for now, thinking of adding images there with categories

Verified Pinterest is working thru the JA Social app, disappointed in quality of RSS feed image, but its not a bad thing meme poachers don't get the good stuff easy i guess, choose your battles eh?.

Had this happen...

"Fight Crime - Shoot First" bumper sticker was removed from zazzle, going to make it private an add again see if it sticks.  smfh.  See if we can try the diplomatic way, Oi!


Still to do.....

FB Page ID and Secret and fucked if i know i can't get it to work yet, going to take a break and integrate the twitter account.

Content needs visable categories and actual content imported,

original article post added with watermarked images

Investigate forms of copyright theft protection