JA Wall CSS Templates and theme change log and notes

Content Sources must be better crafted for the type of module or page layout available. looking threw all the different themes will give you an idea of what options are available especially if you can get crafty with the code between themes and third party api and scripts.


Right now most of the base grid fields and extra classes are in global default so changing at the global level changes everything below in the tree. You can also do this with specific pages and articles and layouts. 


Things i wanna do...

  1. Blackboard theme style adds a piece of tape above all images, I'd like to customize that effect on select pages, layouts and articles, i should note we're starting with the theme Color-Block.
  2. The Default theme style has a thick boarder around post of different color and shadow, i like to do the same with my posts.
  3. Find postion chart...fml i had it
  4. get corner stamps filled in for aside1,2,3
  5. enable search in top left corner, add login button... constider FB, GooGle, etc etc